Watch Battery Replacement in Arlington Virginia.

Watch batteries may seem all the same, but they're not. We use authentic Swiss Renata batteries to ensure that your Movado or MVMT or Omega watch runs as long as possible. They're the best watch batteries on the market and come with a  one year warranty. We recommend replacing watch batteries at the first sign that yours is dying; leaving a dead battery in the watch terminal can result in serious damage to a watch. And don't worry, we have every watch battery size, so you can rest assured that we'll quickly and ably have your watch ticking again.

Watch Bracelet Sizing and Repair

Especially with new watches, you may find that the bracelet is simply too big and needs to be adjusted. We have the right tools and experience to quickly and correctly adjust your bracelet for the perfect fit. Whether it's a Rolex 5513, a Seiko Pogue, or a brand new Omega Speedmaster watch, we can handle it. If you've lost a link, a pin, or need new spring bars, we've got you covered there, too. And if you just want your bracelet to shine again, we can buff and polish it back to new. 


Watch Crystal Repair and Replacement

Mistakes happen. You fall, or bump the watch on the door jamb, or drop it on the pavement, and the crystal cracks or suffers a ton of scratches. There's good news: we can buff out the dings, and if the crystal is cracked or broken, we can get an authentic replacement for any watch you may have: Omega watches, Rolex watches, TAG Heuer watches, Movado watches, Swatch watches--everything. 

Watch Pressure Testing

You may have noticed your watch has a water resistance rating: 50m, 100m, 200m, or more. The issue is that with time and regular use, your watch's ability to withstand underwater pressure--even for a quick dip or in the shower--can be compromised. Whether it's a Rolex Submariner, a Omega Co-Axial a TAG Heuer Aquaracer, or a Omega watch, we have all the equipment necessary to ensure that your watch is ready for whatever aquatic adventures you may embark upon. 


Everything Else...

Still not sure if we can help? If it has to do with watches or clocks, we probably can. So feel free send us a message, call, or just stop by. We're here to help.  


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