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Tissot Watch Repair Services

Arlington Watch Works offers Tissot walk in and mail in watch repair services to customers outside Arlington, Virginia.


Background on Tissot Watches


Known for classic pocket watches, Tissot has continued to make its mark in the watch industry since 1853. The brand has a solid reputation for manufacturing high-quality timepieces with sleek materials and accents. Customers have enjoyed collecting everything from the iconic T-touch series to the recognizable Visodate over the years. The brand continues to produce luxurious watches with superb quality out of Le Locle, Switzerland.


Tissot Watch Repair by Mail or In Person


We are a trusted Tissot watch repair shop in Arlington, Virginia. If you’re in another part of the country, we understand how challenging it can be if you don’t get any search results after looking for “Tissot watch repair near me.” Fortunately, our convenient Tissot watch repair by mail services can help you retain the value of your luxury watch. Our certified and trained team of professionals can tackle any type of repair thanks to our extensive experience handling various models of Tissot watches.


Trusted Tissot Watch Repair


Our Tissot walk in or mail in watch repair services will prove to be quick and reliable to avoid going without your watch for too long. When you don’t get the search results “Tissot watch repair near me,” we’re the solution to your problem. Our Tissot watch repair services include:


  • Changing batteries

  • Water-resistant testing

  • Overhauling and factory service

  • Replacing mineral crystals and buffing plastic crystals

  • Bracelet sizing

  • Repairing or replacing broken crowns

  • Restoring the accuracy of the time

  • Repairing watches that don’t run overnight

  • Repairing watches that stop or run intermittently


We’re proud to offer a one-year warranty on all Tissot watch repair services we perform and stand behind the quality of our work. You can depend on our qualified team to restore all types of Tissot watch models. Our comprehensive Tissot watch repair services are convenient to use when you can’t find anything with the search term: Tissot watch repair near me.


If you’re looking for Tissot watch repair by mail or in person, feel free to stop by our store or fill out the mail in form. Our Tissot watch repair experts make your time their priority!

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Tissot Watch Repair Arlington, Virginia

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Tissot Watch Repair

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Tissot T-Touch watches

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 Tissot Chronograph Watch

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