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Reputable Tag Heuer Watch Repair You Can Trust

Arlington Watch Works offers quality Tag Heuer walk in or mail in watch repair. 


The Rich History of Tag Heuer


Tag Heuer is one of the most reputable watch companies in the world for its watch innovation and other inventions. The brand stands out as the first company to release a dashboard timer for both cars and airplanes in the 1930s. The manufacturer is also known for creating the first watch to operate for up to eight days without winding. Since the 1940s, the company has released two- and three- register models in it’s collection with chronographs.


Trained and Certified Tag Heuer Watch Repair Services


As a family-owned and operated company, Arlington Watch Works specializes in Tag Heuer watch repair services and restorations. We carry a large display of vintage watches and watch straps. If you’re not located near Arlington, Virginia, you can utilize the Tag Heuer mail in watch repair services. This service is convenient if you’re unsuccessful with an online search for “Tag Heuer watch repair near me.”


Tag Heuer Watch Repair by Mail


Our skilled team of technicians can perform minor or major repairs on your Tag Heuer watch if you can’t find Tag Heuer watch repair near me. Some of the main services offered with Tag Heuer watch repair by mail and in store include:


  • Changing batteries

  • Testing water resistance

  • Overhaul and factory service

  • Mineral crystal replacements

  • Bracelet sizing

  • Broken crown replacements

  • Repairing inaccurate times

  • Restoring overnight operation

  • Repairing stopping or intermittent operation


If you can’t find any results when searching for “Tag Heuer watch repair near me” it may be time to utilize Tag Heuer watch repair by mail services. We’ll evaluate the watch and recommend specific non-warranty repairs to restore the item. All watches come with shipping and handling fees. A one-year warranty is included with the Tag Heuer in store or mail in watch repair services.


Looking for Tag Heuer watch repair by mail or in person? Simply stop by our store or fill out the mail in form. You can count on our Tag Heuer watch repair professionals to get the job done!

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