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In 1933, Heuer watch co introduced the "Heuer Autavia", a dashboard timer used for automobiles and aviation (whence its name, from "Autos" and "Aviation"). The companion "Hervue" was a clock that could run for eight days without being wound. Over the period from 1935 through the early 1940s, Heuer watch manufactured chronographs for pilots in the Luftwaffe, known as "Flieger" (pilot) chronographs. The earlier version featured a hinged-back case and one pusher (for start/stop/reset); the later version had a snap-back case and added a second pusher (for time-in and time-out). All these Flieger chronographs had two-registers, with a capacity of 30 minutes.

  • Tag Heuer Watch Repair

  • Change of Battery for Tag Heuer Watches

  • Water Resistance Testing - Gasket Replacement for Tag Heuer Watches (Should be checked annually)

  • Overhaul / Factory Service for Tag Heuer Watches (Recommended every 3-5 years)

  • Replacement of Mineral Crystals / Buffing of Plastic Crystals for Tag Heuer Watches

  • Bracelet Sizing for Tag Heuer Watches

  • Broken Crowns for Tag Heuer Watches

  • Failure to keep time accurately for Tag Heuer Watches

  • Watch won't run overnight for Tag Heuer Watches

  • Watch stops or runs intermittently for Tag Heuer Watches

  • 1 year warranty on Service for Tag Heuer watches

  • All watches shipped from Arlington Watch Works will have shipping and handling fee

In the mid-1940s, Heuer expanded its line of chronographs to include both two- and three-register models, as well as a three-register chronograph that included a full calendar function (day/date/month). As the highest development of Tag Heuer chronographs, these "triple calendar" chronographs were offered in stainless steel, 14 karat gold and 18K and 22K gold cases. Dial colors were white, black or copper. Tag Heuer watch co.

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