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Shipping and Mail Order Policy

Shipping & Mail Order Policy

As a trusted and certified professional with decades of experience, we offer watch battery replacement and watch repair by mail for added convenience. 

Important Information Regarding Watch Repair By Mail

  • If you take advantage of our watch repair by mail service or watch battery replacement, you’re NOT obligated to purchase the service until you approve the estimate we provide. 

  • Based on adjustments to our original estimate, at your request, we’ll return your watch with no questions asked. All you have to do is pay the return shipping and applicable insurance. 

  • Our watch repair by mail service is unique in that we don’t require any payment up-front. You’re only billed once the services are complete. 


Accuracy of Quotes

Typically, the quotes we provide customers are accurate. However, keep in mind that watch repair by mail doesn’t allow us to inspect your timepiece in-person before giving you a quote. As a result, there’s a small chance that the final price of the watch repair will be higher than the original quote. When we have the watch at our store, our expert staff doesn’t go right to work. Instead, we inspect your piece carefully in order to double-check our initial quote for the mail-in watch repair. 


Pricing Adjustments


Sometimes, we come across something that wasn’t discovered over the web that raises the price of the watch repair over our first quote. For instance, maybe during an Omega watch repair, there might be an expensive piece that’s broken, leading to an increase in the cost. Or, when doing an Omega battery replacement, we could find unseen water damage that wasn’t detectable over the Internet. Although these are rare occasions, they’re still important to keep in mind when doing watch repair by mail. 


When this happens, we always let you know before getting started on the repair. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to doing everything in our ability to keep the final cost of the mail-in watch repair the same as your original quote. Regardless, you’ll have the final say on whether or not you want us to go ahead with the repair. There are no surprise costs when working with Arlington Watch Works. 


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