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Sell Your Watch & Jewelry today 4 Cash

Selling Used Watches

Are you selling used watches and looking for a legitimate buyer? Arlington Watch Works has decades of experience buying and trading antique watches.

Sell My Watch

If you’ve been actively searching “sell my watch” or “sell your watch” online for a reliable place to trade in your piece for a nice profit, you’re in the right place. Based in Arlington, Virginia, we have been selling used watches and top-of-the-line models for decades. Many sellers struggle to find reputable buyers that offer competitive prices for their pieces. With an experienced team of expert appraisers, we know what watches are worth. Furthermore, we’ve developed a reputation as a trusted buyer of fine timepieces. People who regularly sell antique watches come to us.

The Process

When you stop in our store, simply ask one of our helpful customer service agents, “Can I sell my watch?” and they’ll be more than happy to start the process. We’ll start by assessing its authenticity and condition. Next, we’ll offer a fair price based on these qualities. Still not sure if you want to sell your watch? No problem! We also do trades.

Trading Watches

With one of the most impressive watch collections in Arlington, Virginia, we are bound to have a piece you like. We sell antique watches, used models, and new timepieces as well.  If you find a watch that catches your attention, we’ll be more than happy to make a trade. Do you still need to sell your watch to make the transfer? Nope! We make it easier than that. Our experts will show you what watches we’re willing to trade, and you can decide whether or not it’s worth it for you. We sell antique watches and modern models. 


Here’s a partial list of the watches we’d be interested in buying:

  • Patek Philippe Watches

  • Vacheron Constantin Watches

  • Movado Watches

  • Jaeger LeCoultre Watches

  • Pocket Watches

  • Vintage Watches

Want to sell your watch? Feel free to contact us. If you’re located in Arlington, Virginia, you can stop by our store.

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