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What's Involved in a Complete Watch Service?

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

What’s Involved in a Complete Watch Service?

A complete watch service is necessary to improve the operation of your watch to maintain its function and aesthetics. The process includes dismantling the parts and replacing any components with signs of wear or damage. Before you utilize the service, it’s important to know the steps involved when you’re ready to restore its condition.

Detaching the Strap

Technicians begin the watch service by detaching the strap and disassembling the case. All parts are laid out and carefully examined to look for signs of wear, defects, or damage. The technician cleans the movement, which is also disassembled and is bathed in an ultrasonic bath.

Replacing the Parts

The technician thoroughly inspects every piece of the watch to review its current condition. Any signs of wear mean the part needs to be replaced, usually with brand-name parts. Brand-name replacement parts maintain the long-term operation and reliability of the watch. If any of the parts don’t contain a serial number, the technician upgrades the watch to the latest movement version. This can boost its value and overall quality.

While reassembling the parts, the technician will lubricate all contact points to prevent excess wear. They’ll also make adjustments to the rate of movement while examining the operational parameters.

Cleaning the Case

Cleaning the case is also included in a complete watch service. Both the metal bracelet and case are restored to make them look new again. There’s also a renewal of water resistance to prevent damage if the parts are exposed to moisture.

Benefits of a Complete Watch Service

When you want to own a timepiece that retains or increases in value over time, a complete watch service will protect your investment. The service can reduce signs of wear and prevent excess dirt or grime from affecting the operation of the parts. It will also reduce the risk of costly repairs needed with frequent use of the product. This can prevent the watch from losing its accuracy over time. Most watch experts recommend servicing the watch every four to five years, depending on the brand and its age.

Find the Right Repair Company

Look for a watch store specializing in the brand of watch you own, like Hamilton or Omega. Finding someone who can perform Omega watch repair will ensure they’re knowledgeable about the operation and mechanisms to avoid mistakes while the service is performed. The company should also offer a guarantee of the work performed to ensure your investment is protected.

If you’re performing a search for “Omega watch repair near me,” or whatever brand you watch is, you can trust it’s in safe hands with our certified technicians. We provide expert service on all types of luxury watch brands. Contact us today for more information.

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