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3 Signs Your Watch Battery Needs a Replacement

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

3 Signs Your Watch Needs a Battery Replacement

The battery in your watch is one of the main components of the item and is responsible for keeping it running. Over time, you’ll need to replace the part to ensure you can keep track of time throughout the day and avoid running late. If you’re unsure of when you need a battery replacement, there are a few important signs to look for to maintain your watch operation and protect the internal components from damage.

The Time is Inaccurate

You may notice your watch always seems to be off every time you check the time. Whether it’s five minutes too fast or 15 minutes too slow, it can be easy to be late for appointments and meetings when your watch is unreliable.

Although Quartz watches are extremely reliable and precise, they can still lose track of the time and become inaccurate when the battery fails. Avoid waiting too long to perform a Tissot battery replacement or any other brands as this may cause damage to the parts.

Moisture is Present

Moisture under the glass is problematic but not uncommon. Once moisture seeps underneath the glass, it can start to damage the parts and make it difficult to view the face of the watch. It can also affect the mechanism and operation of the item. Consider hiring a technician to perform an inspection to determine if the battery has been affected. Watch repair experts recommend replacing the battery to prevent the watch from breaking down.

The Hands Aren’t Moving

If the watch has stopped working, the main cause is likely a failed battery. You may need an Omega battery replacement or whatever your brand of watch is to restore its operation. Fortunately, this repair is simple to perform after the battery is drained. If the problem persists, the movement may be the cause.

One of the Hands Jumps

Many types of watches are known to have the second hand jump in five-second intervals once the battery starts to die. Take a close look at the operation and behavior of the hands to see if you notice this occurring. Don’t wait to perform a Tag Heuer battery replacement, or any other brand, since the battery can begin to leak, leading to severe damage to other parts of the watch. Immediate service is needed to remove the dead battery and preserve the quality and operation of your watch. Completing this task will increase its reliability and will protect your investment.

Our certified and trained technicians at Arlington Watch Works are here to help when you want expert care for your watch. With our in-person or mail in watch repair service, you can enjoy a convenient and straightforward process! Contact us today to learn more.

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