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Expert Advice for Buying Vintage Watches

Vintage watches make for a valuable timepiece you can add to a collection or gift to a loved one. Educating yourself is the most important step to take to ensure you invest in something high-quality and well-preserved. If you’re new to shopping for a vintage watch, there are a few tips to follow to help you navigate the process before making your selection.

Search Online Forums

Read through search forums available online to review questions asked by other consumers or collectors. You can read about the experience other people have had owning the same type of watch you’re interested in purchasing. Online forums can also steer you in the right direction with the best place to buy a watch or what price you should pay.

Contact the Manufacturer

When you’re looking to buy vintage watches, the manufacturer is often the best point of contact because of the amount of information they can offer. Contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about the specific watch you want to purchase while doing your research. This includes the production year, the number of watches manufactured, country of destination, case number, and caliber number.

Search for a Fair Price

Although you may plan to spend a significant amount on a vintage watch, it’s still important to consider the price tag to ensure it’s fair and competitive. Look at online watch-market platforms or prices at local watch shops to buy used watches. Conducting enough research to familiarize yourself with standard pricing will help you to avoid overpaying.

Also look into any guarantees the seller offers when purchasing the vintage watch. They should be capable of guaranteeing the watch is an original, and it functions correctly. You should also be open to negotiation if you want to get a better deal and feel comfortable haggling.

Find the Right Seller

Buy the watch from a reputable seller in the industry who has a long history to ensure you can trust the quality of the watch. Word of mouth is the best way of finding a business you can trust. Some smaller stores specialize in specific brands like Omega watches. You can often obtain more information and learn about the watch from the sellers because they’re considered experts.

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