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Hamilton has its roots as one of the great American watch brands. Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, PA (a region now home to watchmaking schools and the NAWCC Museum), the company started as many old brands did, with pocket watches. They formed relationships with the armed forces, even suspending consumer production during World War II to exclusively serve the military. In 1957, Hamilton introduced the first electric, battery-powered watch, the Ventura, made famous by Elvis Presley; the watch has been a mainstay in their collection since. Hamilton also developed the first automatic chronograph movement, the B-11, which as featured in their exceptional Chrono-matic watches. In 1969, the company closed its plant in Lancaster and moved its manufacturing to Switzerland, Through a series of mergers, became part of the Swatch group in 1984.

  • Hamilton Watch Repair

  • Change of Battery for  Hamilton Watches

  • Water Resistance Testing - Gasket Replacement for Hamilton Watches (Should be checked annually)

  • Overhaul / Factory Service for Hamilton Watches (Recommended every 3-5 years)

  • Replacement of Mineral Crystals / Buffing of Plastic Crystals for Hamilton Watches

  • Bracelet Sizing for Hamilton Watches

  • Broken Crowns for Hamilton Watches

  • Failure to keep time accurately for Hamilton Watches

  • Watch won't run overnight for Hamilton Watches

  • Watch stops or runs intermittently for Hamilton Watches

  • 1 year warranty on Service for Hamiltont watches

  • All watches shipped from Arlington Watch Works will have shipping and handling fee

Arlington Watch Works has encountered some of the earliest Hamilton pocket watches, as well as their more contemporary offerings, and we love to work on these pieces of watch history. 

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